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VRC Systems

We offer mobile computing solutions and remote connectivity products for your road warriors. They are only a key click away from the home office

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Our company strives to make our customers 100% satisfied with our services and products we provide.

Our founder and owner, Vaughn Carpenter, saw a gaping hole  in the Information Technology world as it related to the support and integration of small business computer infrastructures. Many larger companies that provide these services seem to go after the big hitters, all the while, forgetting about the small guy. He has learned that catering to these  small businesses is  a very rewarding and prosperous venture. He has first hand knowledge of the starving needs of the small businesses. He has 30 years experience working for these giant corporate entities, who, over time,   seemed to have shunned the small business community.  

Our employees have 50 years of combined experience, as it relates to the information technology world. They have many hours of training , certifications, and hands on experiences with technology leaders such as Microsoft, ATT, Dell, Digium, Cisco and HP, to name a few.  This allows our company to tackle wide ranging  technology challenges, and  provide a cost effective and efficient solutions to our customers.. We continue to invest in re-training and re-tooling as the industry is constantly changing.

While most of our business is  in a quad state area, centered around Omaha, NE,  we have  taken on opportunities in other geographies.

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